Tmlg s.r.o.

We are a Europe-wide personnel agency. We deploy ship’s staff to river and cruise ships, both hotel and nautical staff for board cruise ships, and naval staff at the position of deksman, lichtmatros, volle matros, botsman, mašinista, helmsman, helmsman with patent and captain for freight ships.

About us

As an agency, we only operate from February 2018, but we have been operating in the shipping sector since 2008. We provide part time jobs, permanent employment or job mediation for a one-time fee, which, of course, is payed by the shipowner. Employees on a permanent employment contract are paid on a monthly basis, each month to the 27th day of the month, both at home and on the ship. Payouts consist of wages, but not a minimum wage plus diets. Employees naturally also receive social contributions, health care payments and tax. Every employee receives an A1 form of the determination of legislation, which says that tax deductions are paid for you in Slovakia. We do mediation in the case that the employer wants to have staff employed where they have registered their company, so mostly Switzerland or Luxembourg, in which case the employer – the owner of the vessel – pays a one time mediation fee after approx. 2 weeks to the mediator. Salaries according to function are detailed in the wages section.Sincerely and with the wish of successful and long-term cooperation, TMLG sro.

Who are we working with?